Molly-Mae x Pretty Little Thing -Haul

When watching Love Island this year Molly-Mae was my absolute favorite, and as someone who is also a bit reserved with my feelings and not huge on PDA I felt like she got a bit of a beating by the public and the press simply because she was a bit more reserved.

I’m so glad she didn’t let it get her down, in fact I think she seems so happy and at the top of her game right now, which is why I was so excited when I saw she was doing a collab with Pretty Little thing, and the second it launched I bought it!!!

I figured you guys would want to see how everything fits, what the material is like, and over all if it was a good collab, so I of course filmed a try on haul!

I actually had so much fun filming this but unfortunately I’m finding Pretty little Thing sizing is a bit hit or miss, some of the items I ordered looked way bigger than a 12 and then some of the stuff was exactly a 12.

I will say as far as the actual design and look of the outfits its all really cute, I did have some stuff that I’m exchanging for a size down, but other than that I think I actually really liked everything, I can’t wait to see what Molly-Mae comes out with next!!

If you want to see everything I bought and me trying it on you can find that video here.

I would also like to know who your favorite person from Love Island 2019 was!

Laura-Jane ♡


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