Lilys 6th Birthday – An Emotional Ride!

5th July 2019 my baby girl turned 6!! I am literally in so much shock! Where has the time gone? My baby girl is 6! It still hasn’t sunk in! I remember giving birth like it wasn’t that long ago. 

Becoming a young mum really did turn my world around, I can remember being so scared when I was pregnant being so terrified when I was taken into hospital to have Lily. I believed I would fail as a Mum and I wouldn’t be able to give my child the life she deserved. 

After going through a pretty traumatic pregnancy I really did feel worthless and that I couldn’t do this. I can remember being in the birthing pool thinking there is no going back now.

I didn’t get to enjoy my pregnancy at all. Something that should have been so exciting and positive, really wasn’t. But that’s another story which I might go into one day. 

6 years have flown by, there have been ups and downs but mainly ups! So many happy funny memories with Lily, she hasn’t only changed my life for the better but she’s had such a huge impact on my Mum and Dad too!

If it wasn’t for Lily I wouldn’t have met half of the people I have in my life now, and I probably wouldn’t be writing this blog now – I probably wouldn’t have started Youtube!

Lily is such a special little girl to me she is my absolute world and I will do all I can to protect her and give her the best life ever! My love for Lily can not be expressed into words. 

Without Lily my life would be incomplete I can not imagine my life without my beautiful, bright, happy little girl ♡

6 years have gone way to fast, it has made me realise so much! I can not believe how quickly it’s gone! Seriously. 

For Lilys 6 Birthday I made sure I had completely decorated my conservatory top to bottom for when she woke up! She was so shocked and surprised as you can see in the video down below. 

It made everything so worth while! My mum and I spent about 2/3 hours the evening before her birthday making all the decorations and getting things ready!

Lily really wanted a watch this year so I bought her a little special Swatch Watch! She loves it! 

She also wanted a camera so my Mum bought her an Instax Mini Hello Kitty! Such a fab cute present! She was so happy with it! 

Her Birthday she was at school (she actually wanted to be at school for her birthday!) I think they make a big fuss of the children when they go to school on their birthdays so Lily took some sweets in for the other children and really enjoyed the day! 

When she came home from school we were initially going to go to the cinema, but she still had a lot of presents to open so we decided to just chill open the presents and have some pizza! Of course get ready for the party the next day too!

Lily got lots of beautiful presents and is so grateful for everything she received! 

It’s crazy to say it’s been a bit of an emotional day but it really has been! 6 years ago on the 5th July 2013 (13 being my lucky number, so it really was a lucky year for me!) I became a Mummy! And little did I know that was going to be the best day of my life! 

Here is to many more happy years!

Laura-Jane ♡




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