Birthday Preparation All You Need To Know – Lilys Birthday!

My daughter Lily is turning 6! She has asked for a unicorn/rainbow themed party! (Please note everything i used you can find in this blog post if you clicked the tagged link on the writing, i have tagged everything where i can find it most cheapest online)

I decided to do this short blog post to share with you guys how I prepare for a party and what kind of things I’ll be buying in preparation.

I firstly started off by hiring a bouncy castle, I arranged this about two months if not longer before Lilys party, as these companies get really busy and booked up. I use the same company each year, they are reasonably priced and reliable!  I use a company called Bounce Again.

I then organised who would make the cake, luckily one of my really good friends is an amazing cake baker! She is so talented and creates real master pieces – not to mention they taste incredible! You can find her instagram at hazel_bakes_ .

Last year I did buy a cake from Marks & Spencer’s as they do great birthday cakes but this year I opted otherwise.

With the cake and the bouncy castle organised I then thought about invitations and who we would invite.

I normally invite Lilys whole class to the parties and her friends outside of school, this year I wanted to have it slightly smaller and less chaotic, so I emailed her teacher and asked her to send a list of all the kids in the class, I sat down with Lily and let her pick who she wanted to come. 

I then used a company called Aspire Products to have the party invitations made, it was so quick and easy a really good online service, they also do thank you cards too! 

I sent the invitations out one month before Lilys birthday just so it gave everyone enough time to keep the date free! The earlier the better to send out invitations is always a good idea, and maybe send a text reminder to the Mums as we all have busy lives and these things can easily cross our minds!

Planning The Party Bags!

Party bags can be such a hit or a miss, and is it even a good party if you don’t get a party bag? I remember when I was a kid feeling so let down if you didn’t get a party bag lol! 

I ordered the unicorn party bags from a company called ‘Ginger Ray’ this is where I got most of the decorations from. 

I used really cute little unicorn party bags to go with the theme of the party.

You did have to make the tassels of these by hand which was long but they were so worth it! The kids love them! 

I filled them with, sweets, cake, bouncy balls, squishies and a paint your own sun catcher. You can buy a bundle of cheaper squishes here on amazon.

I picked up the squishys from the toy shop when they were in the sale down to £2 each from £6 and the sun catches from hobby craft at £1 each, I bought a big bag of bouncy balls for around £6. The kids loved the party bags! Again you can buy a bundle of them on amazon here (i wish i checked amazon first lol.)

Moving On To Decorations! 

I ordered the pink buntings used from amazon you can find them by clicking here

Some of the balloons I got from my local card shop and the big unicorn bundle I bought it from Smyths toy store for only £12.99 which I thought was great value for money! 

The rest of the decorations again I bought from Ginger Ray, the only downfall about the ginger ray decorations was having to make them all up which took a long time, thankfully my mum was there to help me! Also if you want helium in them you will have to buy a helium canister which is what i did, or take them to your local card shop. This is the one i used. 

I like to over lay the decorations just to make things look a bit more full, for example babe the buntings and tassels layered up together.

Adding a ‘Happy Birthday’ strip unearth other decorations. 

This year we used marble balloons as well as normal balloons, I got these from Ginger Ray and paper chase you can also get these here on amazon

They add something different to the decorations and mix it up a bit!

I also had some photos printed out in polaroid prints of Lily from over the past 6 years, I bought some string and some small pegs and used this to display, they were such an effective touch and everyone said how lovely it was! It really made such a difference, you can see all of these displayed in the video down below.

Here are some links of others things I’ve used, that you may have seen in photos or in the blog (down below)

Party Games! 

For Lilys birthday party I let her pick the games she wanted to play. She chose pass the parcel – which we did two rounds!  She also wanted to do a dance competition. 

I made sure I had bought enough prizes for all the kids so no one was feeling left out. A mixture of boys and girls toys!

I used prizes for pass the passel such as hachimals (the small eggs) and Tsum Tsum toys. These again were on sale at the toy store so I picked a few up and I just thought they were really nice prizes for the children to win!


I bought most of the food from Sainsbury’s and Marks and Spencer’s. All the snacks and biscuits I got from Sainsbury’s as they have more of a choice of things children love such as party rings and Oreos! Not to mention lots of offers in store which is great when planning a party and trying to stick to a budget! 

All the food I cooked we got from Marks and Spencer’s just out of personal preference, such as pasta, dips chicken strips, jacket potatoes, fruit and vegetables etc.

I prepared all the food on the day so it was fresh, I also bought a doughnut wall again from Ginger Ray, I filled this with Krispy Kreme doughnuts! It was a right hit with the kids, and the adults! I also made up a big pesto and pine nut pasta! 

Main things you need to remember:

  • Book the activity (if it’s bouncy castle or face painting etc – get it in the diary!) 
  • Organise the cake/food
  • Send the invitations out with plenty of time.
  • Plan out what food you want to have and make a list so you don’t end up under/over buying. Keep in mind how many people are coming. 
  • Make a list, be organised!

Lilys birthday party was an overall success! The kids really enjoyed it and Lily was a happy bunny all day! She was so lucky and was bought some lovely presents by her friends! 

My aim was to make sure the kids were laughing all day and having lots of fun! 

I hope you have found this blog helpful if you are planning a party or just wanted to know where i got the bits from! 

Down below you can find Lilys Birthday Party Vlog!

Laura-Jane ♡


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  1. Dawn
    July 13, 2019 / 11:14 pm

    Hi Laura, oh you did such a great job and thanks for sharing – lots of great ideas 🙂 Can I ask where the balloon wrapping paper is from please? 🎈 🎈 xx

    • ljpopsey
      July 19, 2019 / 11:20 am

      Aw thank you so much, that is so kind! i got all the wrapping paper from Home Sense a company called Alex & Zoe and the holographic paper was from paper chase! x

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