Summer Essentials – Skin Care

Skin Care is so important all year around but even more so important in the summer! The sun is out and our skin is vulnerable to dangerous UV rays. (This can still happen on days when you might think it can’t even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds).

My skin tends to be a lot dryer in the winter due to the cold weather so I use extra moisture, this time of year and the summer I like to change this up and I don’t need the items I have been using in the colder months.

When the sun is out, and mainly from the months of May – September I wear sunscreen on my face daily! (Sometimes even all year around just these months in particular the sun is at its strongest in the UK)

It is so important to protect your skin it is with you for life after all! 

It is best to apply the sun cream on the top of your moisturiser. Just add it into your daily routine but make sure it’s the last thing you apply to your face. 

I like to use Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily UV Defense sun cream on my face and arms when the sun is out in full force, I don’t tend to use this all over my body as it is more expensive (I also don’t have my whole body out on show unless I am on holiday!) 

Another great sun protection by Kiehl’s is the Ultra Facial Cream with SPF 30. This facial cream is great and now they include it with an SPF that is even better for these summer days! 

Let’s talk about the basics I am loving at the moment. 

Lip balm – no one likes dry lips especially when the weather is warmer – it’s all about keeping hydrated! When I was purchasing my Kiehl’s bits and I picked up one of the lip balms, I got mine in the scent mint, they have loads of different ones I just really did like the smell and taste (even though your not meant to eat it LOL I can’t help but lick my lips when wearing it!)

It’s super hydrating I even put a small about on before bed and I wake up with fresh ‘Kissable’ lips lol!

Again I am going to mention Kiehl’s! (I promise this is the last Kiehl’s product) I SWEAR BY the Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate which contains 12.5% vitamin C and hyaluronic acid (this helps wrinkles and redness) I’ve been using this for the past 6 months and I have seen a huge difference in my skin! It really makes it feel more ‘Alive.’ 

The Yes To brand really caught my eye last year and I had been using some of their face masks and other products. I am not a huge fan of the face masks only because I find them very messy and taking them off can be a bit of a nightmare compared to other brands I’ve used. Saying that I absolutely love their ‘yes to tomatoes’ daily balancing moisturiser. It is very hydrating and it absorbs into the skin very quickly and effectively. It is a handy cream to use when you are on the go and in a rush In particular I love using this on busy school day mornings! This product isn’t very clogging on the skin and if you are suffering with dry skin/spots I defiantly would recommend giving it a go. They claim after using this product your skin will be ‘left feeling clear, calm and gorgeous.’ It defiantly worked for me! 

I have spoken about the Clairns Double Serum in a blog post and on my Instagram before, I honestly really love this. 

It is a more expensive serum but you get what you pay for and with this you really do get a lot, it is suitable for all skin types, I really noticed my pours reduce, my skin felt a lot firmer and looked a lot clear and a lot more radiant! If you are looking for a good high quality serum that DOES work I honestly would look into investing into one of these into your skincare routine! 

Removing make-up all year around is essential, even if you haven’t worn make-up on a particular day it is important to clean and cleanse your face at the end of the day, the amount of pollution and dirt in the air that can get caught to your skin and cause ageing and damage is crazy, if only we could see what was on our face! Even when I don’t wear make up I always use the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water to draw away impurities from my skin. This product is amazing at removing make up to, it is gentle on the skin and super affordable which makes it even better!  If you are a busy mum on the go like me or just in a rush in general this is great to use as you can wipe it over your skin and there is no rinsing required after! So you can use this and away you go! Super quick and easy! 

As an all over body moisturiser I like to use Clarins again! This is such a lovely soothing treat for your skin, the next two moisturisers I am about to show you and very hydrating, smell amazing quick absorbing and overall a really treat for your skin! The Clarins moisture rich body lotion with Shea butter works wonders on dry skin! I always get dry legs (probably because I always wear leggings and tight clothing lol!) so I love to treat my skin to this before bed! It helps keep them hydrated throughout the day, in the summer months this is great to use after you’ve been sunbathing as it really is very moisturising so it’s really will help to prolong your tan also. 

The Clarins body-soothing moisture milk is lighter than the rich body lotion I just spoke about, this moisture milk will leave your body feeling smoother and like velvet to touch! I absolutely love this cream! It claims to last up to 48 hours and I can really vouch for this. Even if you have applied this the night before and have a shower the following morning it is still so absorbed into your skin it really does keel it well hydrated! I will be taking this away with me on holiday for sure! 

Lastly I love to use the child’s farm baby oil! Yes, I may pinch this out of my daughters collection but it really does work wonders. I love how it comes in a spray bottle (which minimises mess!) I’m sure we have all be there when using baby oil from a bottle and ending up with half of it on the floor nearly slipping over! I know I have! 

This child’s farm baby oil is really good value for money! I discovered this not too long ago really and I love how quick and easy it is to use, it leaves your skin looking, smelling and feeling fresh! I love it! 

On top of everything don’t forget to ditch those fizzy drinks and drink plenty of water, water will help your skin is so many ways!

Laura-Jane ♡


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