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In This Photo I am wearing all products featured below.

Firstly I wanted to start this blog by saying this was VERY hard to narrow down to ‘just a few’ of my go to make-up products! I am lucky enough to own a lot of make-up, and very grateful to be sent bits and bobs. Make-Up and beauty has always been a huge passion of mine, I love creating new looks and just playing around with make-up!

My ‘favourite’ make-up is always changing what with new products coming out and the extent of the range available on the market. 

Top brands I have always been a fan of include, Benefit, Too Faced, Urban Decay, MAC, Eylure and L’Oréal. 

There are too many brands I love to narrow it down to just one! 

I first starting using make-up when I was about 13/14 and I have loved it ever since, finding products that really work well with your skin and suit your skin is so important, especially when it comes to foundations! You don’t want products that feel all ‘cloggy’ on skin and you don’t want your make-up products to cause spots, dry skin etc. 

It’s all about trial and error with make-up really! Most department stores will happily give you a sample before having to spend anything! So you can really try out a product at home before spending loads on a new foundation you may be unsure about! 

Let’s get started on some of my favourite products, Benefit have really upped their game with brow products in the last year, I love all of them, the quality and the pigmentation is amazing, I use the ‘Goof Proof’ eyebrow pencil alone with ‘Precisely, my brow pencil’ on a daily basis. I have had my eyebrows micro-bladed so these products just help keep them topped up. They are so easy to use and really do a good job!  

I set my brows in place with a brow gel, again I use Gimme Brow by benefit.

BAD GAL BANG!!! (Benefit) Is my ‘go to’ mascara! I freaking love this mascara! From reviews and talking to people about this I find you either love it or hate it! I was a massive fan of ‘They’re Real’ again by benefit but when they launched this new mascara I had to try it and was Instantly converted! It sits so well on my lashes and really makes me feel like I am not wearing loads of mascara despite giving a full lash look! I love it!! Super light weight and super easy to apply! What more can you want?!

Cheek-leader Bronze Squad, highlight contour and bronzer palette is my new go to! As soon as this was released I had to get my hands on one, I love every product in this palate and everything about it! Buying palates like this are so handy for if you go on holiday/go away. It’s handy to have all the bronzing/highlight products you’ll need in one place. Very high quality products and the new Hoola caramel has totally got me! My new favourite bronzer! Again I am in loveeeeee with this product! 

It’s great how the pallet has bronzers, blush and highlight all in one, they all are really high pigmented and of a great all around quality! 

Let’s Talk about Lashes! 

I am a lover of a good strip lash, I once had eye lash extensions and they just didn’t agree with me! So I will always stick with strip lashes!  Eylure have always been a brand I love, from when I even first started wearing eyelashes! They have really upped their lash game, and given us so much choice! I personally love the cashmere feel lashes, they feel great and don’t pinch the inner corner of your lashes (you’ll know what I mean if you have experienced this before.) 

They are such a great go to lash brand, they have so many styles to pick from and will always be my ‘go to’ lash brand! 

My go to is Luxe Cashmere – No. 9 and Most Wanted – U Want It. I love how these eyelashes come with glue (super handy little tubes you can keep in your handbag just in case you do need to top up when you are out at about) 

Saying this, I do use the Duo eyelash adhesive in clear white. I really like this eyelash glue as it works really well with all lashes, it doesn’t irritate my eyes and I love how the glue dries clear. It comes in a bigger tube and I just find this a lot easier to use. 

Normally with these lashes you don’t need to curl them but after re using them a few times I tend to get the eyelash curlers on them, it helps give them that boost and you really can get good use out of these eyelashes, the cashmere lashes are around £20 but your really do get many uses out of them and they are well worth the money! 

Moving onto Lips! 

Lips are definitely my favourite part of my make-up! I love playing around with different colours and trying new things! 

If you wear a lot of lipstick, especially matte, this can be really drying on your lips, I would totallllly recommend a lip scrub!

Although I own way too many lip sticks and glosses I have my favourite go to colours! 

This was VERY hard to narrow down, by the way. 

The colour I basically wear everyday is called ‘Sell Out’ by Too faced, this is a beautiful nude/pink and it just goes with everything! I’ve honestly got through about 5 of these so far! I love the texture the quality everything about the Too faced Matte lipsticks! 

For a red shade (because every girl needs a good red!) I love the Too Faced Melted Matte-talic in the shade ‘Bitch, I’m Too Faced’ A really beautiful go-to red suitable for all year around! 

My next favourite is this Mac lipstick in the shade 921 – Sultry Move, again I love the quality, this is very light on the lips and it doesn’t dry your lips out. I also love to pare this with a Mac lip liner in the shade ‘Hover’.

Last but not least is the Kylie Kit in the shade ‘Candy K’ I love the quality of the lip liners in the Kylie collections, the shade of the Candy K Lip Kit is so lovely! It’s a great shade to keep in your hand bag! 

I hope you enjoyed reading about my current favourite go to make up products!

I am planning on doing a foundation and eyeshadow blog post very soon!

I’ll update these regularly so make sure you stay turned for that, in the mean time be sure to follow my Instagram @LJPOPSEY for all my current make-up looks! 

I love being recommenced products so please send some my way! 

Laura-Jane ♡


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    The benefit precisely my brow is amazing, and super easy to use!

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      July 19, 2019 / 12:00 pm

      It is fab isn’t it! x

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