Living With Eczema – My 5 Year Old & How We Treat It

Since my daughter Lily (age 5) was born, she has suffered with eczema, just when I thought it was gone it would come back. Some months it has been great, and others just out right awful! 

I’m sure many Mothers can relate with this as it is quite common for children to suffer with eczema, in fact studies show that 15-20% of school children suffer with eczema and over 6 million people in the UK suffer, yet there still is no cure! 

 Many different things can cause eczema, from dry skin to having certain food intolerances, for example things like dairy can be a huge trigger to eczema suffers. If your child is anything like mine and loves a bit of chocolate, eliminating dairy can be pretty tough! Cutting back is a great start which is what I have done with Lily and it really has helped!

I still don’t know what has triggered my daughters eczema as she was born with it, some people can say it’s from a stressful pregnancy, to what you eat, also it can be hereditary. There is no given reason as to why my daughter has eczema. 

I have tried every cream under the sun, a lot of people over on my Instagram have kindly sent and recommend us many different creams and methods that I really didn’t know what to do or who to listen to. 

I remember being sat at home one day with so many different creams, porridge oats the lot having no idea what would be working if I tried them all so one by one I trialed each one.

Doctors were telling me one thing, health advisors another other experienced mums something completely different. I really didn’t know who to turn to for advice, it was so stressful and I felt like the worst mum ever that my daughter was suffering so badly! 

Lily would be crying out in pain non stop scratching it was honestly heart breaking and NOTHING was working!

I took Lily to the doctors when she was a baby (and throughout the years), they prescribed her steroid creams which yes worked wonders but I really did not realise how bad and damaging to the skin this would be, we totally would NOT use them again nor recommend them. Since using them I really can see how her skin has been damaged especially when she develops tanned skin. Some parts of her skin do not tan and you can see it was where the eczema was so bad and where the steroid creams had been used. 

I took Lily to a private doctor and had her allergy tested, I did as the doctor recommended (which unfortunately again was steroid creams along with dietary changes) it seems that that’s all that doctors want to give out. I did mention my concerns to the doctors about using steroid creams they prescribed us Aveno, which is a really great cream. You can use this cream on babies from 3 months + and is very hydrating. I actually use these products myself on my own skin!

Here are some of my personal favourites 

On Lilys skin we have tried so many different creams I could not name them all here.

It is all about trial and error and finding a cream that works well for your child. Some are so sticky that it would irritate Lily more, some are so oily and her clothes would stick to her which again, would irritate her even more! 

Everyday it is a screaming battle to get cream on her but it must be done, the skin must be kept hydrated, otherwise it will be dry and itchy. Which is what needs to be avoided!

We are currently using Child’s farm on Lilys skin and in the shower etc, this is a great brand all around for child’s care. We have been using this for the part few months.

They have hand washes, creams, sun creams, shampoos the lot, their products are constantly expanding. Which is great! 

They advertise themselves as suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin! Which is what drew me to the brand in the first place! 

Childs Farm is an award winning British brand that uses naturally derived ingredients and essential oils to produce a range of mild, kind and delicious smelling toiletries for newborns, babies and children. (I have tried the shampoo before it smells and feels Devine!) 

I love how all the products are beautifully illustrated it just makes it a bit more ‘fun’ when using them with Lily. 

I honestly can not rate this brand enough! We love it and are very grateful to be sent PR packages from the company I equally purchase them too! (You guys know I would not recommend anything we do not use and love!) You can follow them on Instagram @ ‘childsfarm’. 

Top Child’s Farm Products I use on Lily are as followed : 

Although these products really do help Lilys skin they do not cure the eczema, I do believe one day there will be a cure but right now we have to use what works well. I recommend you trying these products on your children as we have had great results. As much as Lily HATES body cream, if it’s cream to help her eczema or suncream she hates it and always kicks up a fuss (please say my daughter isn’t the only child like this! Lol!) 

Like I said previously in this post, some days Lilys skin is great and others it’s really not! Currently her most effected areas are her legs and her wrists! It’s important to keep the whole body hydrated and not just the currently affected areas. 

Another thing I use with Lily (and this comes down to the individual) is crystal bracelets. She currently is wearing an Amber gemstone bracelet on her ankle as her legs are currently suffering.

Other crystals that are good for skin problems are, amethyst and green aventurine are commonly used for healing the skin. As well, fluorite and agate are ideal for cellular repair and healing dry skin and eczema

(I won’t go into too much detail on this as this can be another blog post in its self as their is so much information, I don’t want to go into a huge over load right now! Lol!)

My advice to you if you have a child or your self are sadly suffering with eczema would be trial and error. What works really well for someone else might not work for you, or what doesn’t work for someone else may be great for it! 

It’s great to be recommended things so please take on board the products I have recommended above and let me know how you get on! If you are really worried about yours or your child’s skin i would seek medical advice but I honestly would avoid the steroid creams!

Try making dietary changes and see if this makes a difference. Sometimes you can not notice the difference so taking photos of the progress is always great to see what’s working and how things are changing! 

Lilys skin has come a long way, it used to be so bad I honestly thought it would never get better! I used to have to put her in scratch sleeves which honestly were fantastic and really helped when she was little! 

Lily is seen here wearing her scratch sleeves out and about, this was apart of every day life for Lily, i really did rate these as they also helped prevent her skin from becoming infected by picking up any germs whilst out and about.

I never thought her skin was going to get better and I felt so hopeless. 

If you are in this situation please don’t feel alone, so many people go through it themselves and with their children it will eventually get better. 

Lilys skin is still currently suffering but I will do an updated post in a few months and let you know how we are getting on with any other products etc.

I hope this post can somewhat help you.

Laura-Jane ♡


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