What People Don’t Tell You About Child Birth – My Experience

When I was pregnant with Lily I heard so many stories and I was told so many different true and not so true things. 

I honestly was really worried and I didn’t really know what to expect. 

I was told to make a birth plan (which I never actually did!….Whoops!)
All I knew was that I wanted to have a water birth. I was actually really scared of labour and I wanted to put it to the back of my mind as much as possible. 

I was told to expect things like, diarrhoea before giving birth, pooping whilst in labour, sickness, dramatic water breaking and even told to eat spicy foods if I were to go over my due date! 

Firstly NONE of the above happened to me. Ok I went to the toilet before I had Lily (not whilst in labour at the hospital or anything) I never had diarrhoea and I didn’t poop in the pool! Lol! As much as this can happen it doesn’t happen to everyone. 

I also LOVE spicy foods and I eat them a lot, Lily came the day they told me she would so maybe did this help, although this is classed as a myth…..who knows?!

OK . . . . So one thing I was NEVER told to expect in child birth, (stop reading now if you are going to cringe) ….. tearing ….. yes I said it (I feel like this isn’t spoken about enough) and how bad it can be ….. THANKFULLY (so very grateful) this only happened a small amount to me.
A good friend of mine had it happened to her so badly she said she could not sit down for over a week! This was one thing I was never warned about! I wish I had of been a bit more aware of the procedures that would happen after, as I was so worried. It wasn’t that bad after but it was very painful, I was given numbing (I think!)
No idea if it even worked as I felt everything! The nurse gave me gas and air and I just ended up getting high on that! Lol (I didn’t use gas and air at all during my labour, I actually had no pain relief!)

I feel like people do talk about these things more now, but I wish I knew more about what to expect, especially being a young Mum when I had Lily.  

Here is a screen shot that someone sent me on Instagram of her labour experience and what she felt she was never told! (uploaded with her permission)

Another thing is that the second you give birth your boobs literally turn into rocks! I get that this happens, I’m pretty sure we all know this! But I remember getting up literally thinking I had implants in my boobs! They felt that crazy and so abnormal to me! (I actually kind of liked it lol!) they were so rock hard, I was never warned about this! 

Ok, so another thing is the placentae. I didn’t realise you actually had to basically give birth again, to a blood sack!!! When this happened to me I literally nearly fainted (lol!) mainly because the midwife asked me if I wanted to look at it and was trying to show it to me! I really don’t do well with things like that lol! I did laugh at the time (to be honest I didn’t really know what else to to!) 

I had a water birth with Lily (which I would highly recommend) I didn’t see much blood when I had her as I was in the water and they drained it pretty quick and showered me off right away, which was amazing. I can honestly say I don’t remember seeing much blood at all. Since speaking with some of you guys online, you have said one thing no one tells you about is how much blood there is too come! You see babies on TV and they look so clean right away so I can understand why some people would expect it as much as what it can be. 

When your waters break that’s not it, you can keep leaking up until baby comes! One thing I was never told, how horrible it was someone breaking your waters for you (this is over pretty quick so don’t panic!) This happened to me, I don’t think I was ever told that if your waters don’t break naturally a midwife would intervene! That was pretty uncomfortable but like I said – over quick! 

Your belly …. your belly will still look pregnant even after giving birth! I never thought mine would ever go (still struggling ….. please tell me I’m not the only one!) 

I remember touching my tummy and remember it being just like jelly! It was sooooo wobbly I was so embarrassed – but don’t be! This is totally normal!  

These are a few of my experiences and things I wish I had of known, this post was meant to be light hearted so please don’t take anything too seriously, this post has mainly been based on my own experience! 

If you are due to give birth please don’t worry it’s an amazing experience that you will never forget, it’s incredible what the female body can do! 

If you have had any experience that you wish you had known before you went into labour please share them below. 

Laura-Jane ♡


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