Hever Castle Bloggers Pizza and Prosecco- Event

If you’ve followed me for a while now you will know how much I LOVE Hever Castle! It’s one of my favourite places to go. I’ve been going since I was a baby! 

My Mum always used to take me growing up and now that’s been passed on to taking Lily! We own annual passes so we do go quite often. 

Here’s a little bit about Hever Castle In case you’ve never been or have no idea what I am talking about! 

  • Hever Castle is located in the heart of Kent. The Castle was to become the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII’s second wife, who became Queen of England for just 1,000 days. (Before she was beheaded!) 
  • Hever Castle is open to the public to have a look in the castle and walk around the huge grounds, they have added features such as a water maze for children! It’s well worth a visit!

I was contacted by Hever Castle and really kindly invited to their Blogger event, I bought my Mum along with me – as I just couldn’t not bring her! It’s her favourite place to go too! 

Unfortunately the weather was awful! It was literally pouring with rain! So not the best of weather for photo opportunities outside in the beautiful gardens, we did manage to get a few for the short time when the rain stopped! But be sure to keep an eye on my other social accounts as like I said I always go there so I’m always uploading bits and bobs! 

The event was due to go on from 12-3pm but due to Lily finishing school at 3 and the time it takes to come home we left at 2pm, we didn’t walk around the grounds massively due to the bad weather. I know in my pictures it doesn’t look bad, but trust me! It was VERY windy and VERY wet at times! (Typical English weather – unpredictable!)

When we arrived we were greeted by the lovely staff who also offered us a glass of Prosecco, they also had a red wood fire pizza van (featured in some of the photos!) which we all got a pizza from, they were so good! You can even hire this van for events which is cool! 

The Hever Castle grounds are so beautiful and I can not say enough good words about what a wonderful place it is to come, the staff are great the food is fantastic and everywhere is always kept clean and tidy! 

The castle is one of Lilys favourite places to visit when she is not at school, there is just so much to do there, when the weather is warm they even have an out door water maze which is a must for the kids! (And adults if you are like me lol!) You can take boats out and do some rowing on the beautiful lakes of Hever.

Not to forget to mention you can enter inside the castle it’s self and see just what it was like from back in the day when King Henry VII lived there!

Whether you are coming here with your partner for a romantic day out or you are visiting for a family trip you are guaranteed to have a great memorable time! 

Be sure to get in touch with me and let me know how your visit is/if you plan to visit! I know I plan to go plenty of times over the summer again with Lily! 

Laura-Jane ♡


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