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I planned an Easter Egg Hunt for Lily and a few of her friends on Good Friday, it was a massive success!! I was a bit worried as I’ve never done anything like this before, but the kids were so happy, which means happy parents too!!!

I started off by planning what activities we were going to do, this included the egg hunt its self, pin the tail on the bunny, musical statues, and we even had a bouncy castle!

I planned this Easter egg hunt about a month in advance so it gave me plenty of time to stock up on the items needed, I started off by picking up bargains as and when I saw them in the supermarkets when they had different offers on and just kept my eyes open! 

I bought around 150 eggs for the children to find, some large some small.

There were 7 children coming to the Egg Hunt so I bought some sticky labels and labeled the eggs 1 – 7 so the children would have equal amount of eggs to find. Then the tiny small eggs were just a free for all. 

This plan worked really well, so there was no arguing between the children and equal amount of eggs all around.

I then hid 5 gold eggs (in pretty hard places!) the children who found these won a separate prize, which was a paint your own bunny. These prizes were the same for musical statues and pin the tail on the bunny.

I made sure every child won one – so once again no one was feeling left out!

After the egg hunt we sat the children down for food (and to get all the eggs in the shade as it was getting very hot and the chocolate was starting to melt … whoops!). 

I had the bouncy castle up in the garden which I purchased last year and it was the best investment ever! The children love it, and it doesn’t take much storage room up, it is easy to put up and put away! 

The Easter Bunny also made an appearance which the kids were so excited about, the parents also enjoyed getting a picture or two with the Easter Bunny!

When the children were playing after lunch we did some food for the adults too, we have snacks and drinks out continuously when having parties around the house, I always find it so much easier to buy bottles of water or bottles of squash and keep them in a bucket filled with ice so they are accessible for everyone all the time. I remember as a child feeling really awkward just to even ask for a drink so I feel like if they have access to drinks they don’t need to ask or feel embarrassed same for the parents to.

Over all the Easter Egg Hunt Party was a success and I will definitely be doing one next year! 

I hope you have an amazing Bank Holiday Weekend! 

Laura-Jane ♡


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  1. April 25, 2019 / 4:42 am

    omg this is such a cute idea what a great way to get the kids excited for Easter and a good excuse to get all the friends together.

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