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Today was AMAZING!!! Lily and I attended the Childs Farm event in London, which for Lily was a real treat as she doesn’t get into London very often haha! I was really happy to be invited to the Childs Farm event because Lily suffers from eczema pretty badly, and Childs Farm have really helped us out, I posted on instagram asking for any recommendations for products to help her and Childs Farm immediately got in touch and see her some of there sensitive skin products and you know what they actually helped!! It’s really hard when your baby is uncomfortable and going through something that you struggling to find something to help with, especially when your a single mum, you don’t have a partner to turn to and say “what do you think about this…”, so having Childs Farm help us out in out time of need was amazing and I’ll be forever grateful to them!

After the Childs Farm event which consisted of so many fun actives for Lily, we headed over to Elan Cafe and can we just admire this amazing flower wall for a minute?! Lily loved posing for pictures with the flowers which was a real feat because normally getting a picture of her can be such a chore!

We enjoyed a really nice lunch, and luckily the waitress was used to people wanting to take pictures while at their table so no judgmental looks haha!

Let me know your favorite “instagram able” spot in the comments!

Have a great week!

Laura-Jane ♡


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  1. April 25, 2019 / 4:44 am

    OMG this flower wall is beautiful, also your hair looks amazing today, it looks amazing every day but you usually wear down this is a great hairstyle on you!!!

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